If you have done proper training in Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, you should be quite familiar with what is going on in this video. The training method of the striking energy 'Da Sau' is the internalization of the principle of 'Bu Da Bu Gau'.  

For those who haven't, then please read the brief description below.  

In case you are wondering why the person on the left is bouncing, this is how Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan internal power (Peng jing, not to be confused with the ward-off posture) energy works. This is how lesser Peng jing reacts when it struck by stronger Peng jing. Thus, briefly summarized, it is about further enriching Peng jing. So, before you go and start accusing us of fakery, ask any one of us who has trained in our system (or from a prominent British martial artist). The intention of the video is not about how powerful Sifu Gim is. It is about some examples of our training methods of 'Da Sau' of Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

If you are wondering about the person getting bounced, rather ridiculously, his martial art background is as follows: kyokoshin karate (with Soviet military), boxing (Gleason boxing club, Brooklyn-NY), and few other styles thrown in.  

 You think the video is a fake, do you?

For those who are sceptical of the pushing hand and striking hand videos, I absolutely understand where you are coming from and of your scepticism. Since you have not had the pleasure of doing power push hand with any one of us, your opinion is obvious and totally expected. But, wouldn't you rather have much more solid opinion of what we do, after having a direct experience with 'dynamic' power push hand? Wouldn't that add a certain credibility to your sceptical criticism? If someone were to ask you of your scepticism and based on what evidences, how will you answer it? Because what? Because of what you happen to perceive...? What logical explanation do you have for your scepticism? What...because what we do doesn't seem to jive with the law of physics? How do you know? Do you think you are more scientifically knowledgeable than my students who have Ph. D. in nuclear physics and string theory physics? You find it ridiculous because of the nonsensical bouncing of the person getting pushed? What makes you think that you won't bounce as ridiculously as well? 

A rather prominent English martial artist who has an extensive martial art background said that he was never a hoppy (a British slang for someone who bounces, I guess) when he was pushed by a renown Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan practitioner some years ago; but, when I pushed him recently in London, to his surprise, I had him ridiculously hopping (bouncing) back several meters; incidentally, he was neither told to bounce back nor asked to make me look good, prior to the push. As strong as he was, he was tossed rather silly, I might add; moreover, if there wasn't a person to catch him, he would have gone back even further, hopping. Incidentally, there were a few other guests who got tossed as well, on that same evening. I highly doubt that you are of any match for this person, in martial art and strength.

Nobody will ask you to hop or bounce, or dancce like a monkey. Nobody will ask you to make me look ridiculously super-extraordinarily powerful. For a sake of an argument, lets just say if someone does ask you to do so, will you cooperate? Of course, not...because you are far too intelligent and sensible for that. Then, what make you think that Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan practitioners are less intelligent or sensible than you? A lot of my guys have many years of martial art backgrounds, and having had years of Kyokuhsin Karate, Wing Chun, Ishin Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, western boxing, etc., you would think that they would know the difference between the genuine from the bogus, don't you think? Then, what make you think that my students would volunteer to put on a performance, as you call it, and for whose benefit? Getting tossed ridiculously surely doesn't make them look any good, does it, especially with all those years of martial arts trainings, unless their past martial art trainings were bogus as well? So, do you think that they do this on purpose in order to make me look good? Would you voluntarily do this for me? No, you wouldn't...because, again, you are too intelligent and sensible. Do you think that I've asked them to do so? If so, do you think that everyone will agree to do it? Probably not...at least, you wouldn't. Unless I'm superslick in being able to convince all the people to do this bogus act, as you call it, there must be those who have refused, don't you think? If I'm bogus, then those who have refused probably won't stay, will they? You would most definitely leave, won't you? Guess what...so shall others. Now, go and find them, and have them tell the world that I've been asking people to participate in a bogus push hand sessions where they are purposely make themselves ridiculous, and at the same time, making me super-extraordinary. This would be your solid evidence to support your allegation with absolute credibility, and you will be credited in debunking me.

You and your other big fish in a small pond-minded people who know nothing about Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan have made your groundless, petty accusatory opinions countless times about our power pushing training, and yet, none of you has managed to come up with any solid evidence to prove what we are doing is a bogus or a parlor trick. In fact, most of you don't even have enough courage to come and check for yourselves. Do you know why you won't come? Because you would then have to show me your power, which most of you probably don't have much anyway, as I will show you my internal power. Discovering how weak you are is a bitch, if not embarrassing.

I like you to meet 'little Bertha, big Bertha, and the Beast", a steel bar family. Now, show me what you got!


Incidentally, those who have met and interacted with me say that the power push hand and the internal power are REAL, and those who have never met or interacted with me say it is a Fake.  Go figure!

Gentlemen...and of course, the ladies who doubt the internal power of Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, as much as I don't care about your opinions of scepticism, it should nevertheless be heard. However, should you have the inclination to debunk me with your opinoions, then as a recommendation, you really ought to have some CREDIBILITY in your opinions. Having never met me or experienced the internal power will not obviously give that credibility. What I call a solid evidence(s) of proof is non-existent in your doubts. Thus, how well will you stand as a potential, credible witness?


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