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The 20th Anniversary Year


Many congratulations Sifu on the 20th anniversary of the H. Won Tai Chi Institute in New York. As I, and so many of us, have followed for years Tai Chi, I ended up here in this institute following and feeling the Peng Jing power of the true Classical Yang Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu H. Won Gim. The Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Institute focuses on the original form, tradition and all the secrets of the Yang Family style. In the H. Won Tai Chi Institute we can finally understand the true inner Tai Chi Chuan. This is a path of hard training in order to get to the highest level of softness, strength and understanding.

I hope that the institute may enjoy many subsequent years of schooling by Sifu H. Won Gim in our midst, and that a lot of motivated students of H. Won Tai Chi Institute may arise from all over the world to cherish this knowledge and pass it on.

I am glad that I am one of Sifu H. Won Gim's private students. -- Deferm Erwin, Belgium


Congratulations to H. Won Tai Chi Institute on its 20th year milestone! It is truly an honor to be a student of Sifu's, and to be a part of a deep-rooted tradition that has not been lost, thanks to his knowledge of the true art. To witness not only his teachings, but to see the presence of a true internal power is awe inspiring to say the least. The times may be changing, but the key to inner strength, light and peace in life has endured through all these years. That speaks for itself. Thank you Sifu and your institution for continuing this teaching in its truest form so that we may all cultivate our Qi and strive to attain that "key" to life. I am truly lucky to have become your student and to have found something so profound in my life.

Cheers to 20 years, and to (at least) 20 more! -- Vi


Congratulations on this momentous occasion of the 20th anniversary of H. Won Tai Chi Institute. You have helped many people over the past 2 decades through your diligent training of classical Tai Chi Chuan. Wishing you much continued success and further spreading of this knowledge and skilled art form. -- Ari R (NYC)


Viva H. Won Tai Chi Institute! First, congratulations to Sifu H. Won Gim for building so successful and authentic school of Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan that has attracted people for twenty years! Second, thanks to Sifu for that! In the years to come I wish to H. Won Tai Chi Institute many serious students yearning for the real, high-level teaching and understanding the internal power, students who are not afraid of hard work and sacrifice. To us students I wish to stay always motivated, to enjoy and treasure Sifu's teaching and to reach our goals. I'm proud and grateful to be a member of H. Won Tai Chi Institute! Thank you, Sifu. -- Anna B, Czech Republic


Many congratulations to Sifu H. Won Gim on the 20th anniversary of the H. Won Tai Chi Institute. True Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan is an exceedingly rare, precious art that so few are qualified to teach, and is a great privilege to learn. Through Sifu's tireless efforts many New Yorkers have benefited from this profound art. I'm personally thankful for the great change and meaning Tai Chi Chuan has brought into my life, having integrated and deepened the many different physical, martial and spiritual activities I had previously pursued. And I'm happy to have a group of highly dedicated and hard working students around me, benefitting from the art as I have and helping continue the long held traditions of this art. Here's to 20 more years of growth and learning for us all! -- Patrick L (NYC)


I would like to express a warm congratulations to my Sifu, Gim SIFU, and his institution, H. Won Tai Chi Institute, for reaching its 20th year. Gim SIFU has been continuing his SIFU's work, Chu Gin Soon SIGONG, in helping spread Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan to the people since 1997. Gim SIFU not only succeeded in keeping his institute flourishing for 20 years among many competing martial art schools in New York City, he also succeeded in creating many sister branches of H. Won Tai Chi Institute around the world, Brussels, Zurich, Toronto, and Korea, for example. Congratulations SIFU, here's to another 20 years!!

David C (the Assassin Monk)
H. Won Tai Chi Institute
Member Since 2010 (NYC)


Congratulations on H. Won Tai Chi Institute ' s 20th anniversary teaching Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan! It is great that the accomplished, discipled sifu of which you are, is dedicated to the propagation of authentic Tai Chi Chuan. The world needs more qualified Tai Chi Chuan Sifu like yourself. -- Peter Y (Toronto)


I just wanted to extend my congratulations to your 20th year of teaching and representation of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan System.

Congratulations to SIFU Gim in his 20th year of teaching and representation of the authentic, traditional and untarnished teachings of the famous Yang Sau Chung. When I first walked into the NY Tai Chi studio, I had no idea what I was about to encounter and experience. After 8 years of training I am in awe every time I witness the spectacular demonstration of Peng jing power; the famous power of the Yang Family. This is why we come, this is why we stay and this is why we continue to dedicate ourselves to the enrichment and refinement of this sought out super energy. Thank You SIFU for your tireless dedication to your students in this lifelong journey! Thank You SIFU -- Brian M (NYC)


Congratulations and thank you for teaching tai chi in New York for the past twenty years. All of the H. Won Tai Chi Institute students benefit from your hard work and your devotion to your teacher and the art. It is up to us to reap the rewards, but your knowledge, insight and skill make that possible. Tai chi is a delight and your school is a gem. After almost fifteen years, I still want more and, luckily for me, there is more. Twenty years is awesome, but as they sing in the refrain of the happy birthday song "??and many more!"" -- Scott E (NYC)


Congratulation Sifu.

Your hard work had made you successful in building you Tai Chi school. It has offered us the opportunity to study Tai Chi without adulteration to the art. Your student's longevity is proof of your success and the teaching of Tai Chi. I, thank you for being my Sifu. -- Harry Chu (NYC)

Congratulaions on 20th anniversary of H.Won Taichi Institute!!


I've been training various kinds of martial arts since I was 20 years old. Lots of martial arts succesors told me that what's imprtant is 'Qi', 'Gi', or 'Naegong'. So, I asked them how I could learn 'Qi' or 'Naegong'. They told me that I could learn 'Qi' or 'Naegong' in the future when I understand physical power. So, I watched students who have learned for many years. Sadly, they seemed to have no interest about 'Naegong'. They were satisfied with just skill and physical power. They also told me that 'Qi' of 'Naegong' was so secretive that only the grandmaster knew it and never taught it whoever he or she was. So, I quit that martial art. Many years has passed. Luckily I met Sifu. Sifu was neither secretive nor had complicated explanation about 'Qi' or 'Naegong'. Every thing was simple and easy. I asked sifu what is the most important to learn taichi. Sifu said ' Patience!' Two year later, I came to know 'Qi' or 'Naegong' little by little. It was so easy! -- Charles Y (Seoul)


Congratulations on 20th anniversary of H. Won Tai Chi Institute. It is impossible to make history, without Sabu Gim?�s passion for Classical Yang Family Taichichuan. Many thank you to Sabu Gim!! I feel a strong sense of responsibility to train Taichi more sincerely and passionately, as one of students of H. Won Tai Chi Institute. ?�And I am sure that H. Won Tai Chi Institute will spring into world-wide fame soon. Congratulations to Sabu Gim again! -- Brian L (Seoul, Corea)


Congratulations on 20 years of teaching at H. Won Tai Chi Institute!!
This is an incredible milestone for sure. Wish you a fantastic next 20 years!!!

In general the things that stand out to me as great about the school are:
a) the individual attention given to students, it certainly is a big help to progress and take in what I can take in. This is stark comparison to other places which often throw people in a group class over and over again and have people pick up what they can from watching others. I am certainly grateful for the lessons to match my current level of progress as well as the constant corrections.
b) The school actually teaches Tai Chi as a martial art! Finding schools that teach Tai Chi as a martial art at all is not easy, often they just teach a form and that's it. Additionally of the already few schools that teach it as a martial art not many do power push hands or even know what it is. So really coming in and watching people flying around from power push hands is quite refreshing. Additionally you are not watering down Tai Chi with teachings from other martial arts for the martial application, it is all pure Tai Chi.
c) I have no doubt you are skilled, as you constantly demonstrate your skill in class over and over again constantly pushing people one after the other in rapid fire. Furthermore, several of the more advanced students are also quite skilled and able to push people quite far indicating that you are able to transmit the Tai Chi knowledge effectively. In some places teachers save pushing for "private" or "advanced" classes and just say they are skilled. In the end one just needs to come and watch to see you are skilled.

So in conclusion, congratulations and keep up the great work. This school is definitely the "real deal" and there are instances of knowledge being transferred to students proving that there is real teaching happening. And because it is offering Tai Chi as a martial art and not watered down it is really quite rare among Tai Chi schools. So therefore hope it continues on for another 20 years and beyond as transmitting the Tai Chi knowledge to the next generation is an important duty. It is unfortunate that there are far too few places which can accomplish this to the degree of H. Won Tai Chi Institute. Congratulations and many thanks,

Chris F (NYC)



H. Won Tai Chi Institute teaches the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (Medium Frame/Tiger Form) as handed down by Grandmaster Yang, Sau-Chung (the 4th generation successor: the Gatekeeper of the Yang family system, & the eldest son of the world famous Great grandmaster Yang, Cheng-Fu), & Master Chu, Gin-Soon (the 5th generation successor), the 2nd disciple of Grandmaster Yang, Sau-Chung.

We are dedicated to the continuation of this extremely demanding internal martial art as it was originally intended, without watering down or simplifying the curriculum & the training methods in order to make it more commercially successful.  Traditional approach to our training method is characterized by personal individualized attention.

Quality & integrity of the training is maintained by strictly adhereing to the principles (Chuan Fa) of Tai Chi Chuan: the execution of the correct postures and forms, the application of Dynamic (Power) Push Hand, the enrichment of Peng Jing* (internal power: integration of body, chi and intent), and martial applications.

The true transmission of the authentic Tai Chi Chuan is only possible through a knowledgeable & skillful master-to-student relationship over the course of many years, & requires mutual respect, trust, dedication, and perseverance.


*No matter what anyone says, if a particular style does not understand the principles and practical applications of Peng Jing of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, then any style claiming to be the authentic, bloodline Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan is shamefully pretentious.

Moreover, if one understands and trains according to the principles of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, then that particular individual is the true practitioner of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.














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